Whale Watching Experience

Photo by ANDREYGUDKOV/iStock / Getty Images

Visit The Big Islands Humpback Whale Sanctuary

As we depart Honokohau Harbor and head north along the Kona coast to the Big Islands Humpback Whale Sanctuary, you can expect to have the experience of a lifetime as large numbers of humpback whales migrate from the ice cold waters from Alaska on their 6-8 week journey to their winter home in the Hawaiian islands. You can expect to see mothers and calves sunning themselves in the warm Hawaiian sun.  Males can often be seen breaching the water surface providing awesome aerial displays.  They also do tail and pectoral slaps to communicate with the other whales in the area.  Listen as we lower our hydrophone into the water to hear the whales sing!  

  • Rates $150 per person

  • 6 passengers max

  • Departs Honokohau Harbor  AM or PM (Arrive 15 Mins Early)  

  • Morning Tour | Check in at 7:45 am | Departs 8:00 am

  • Afternoon Tour | Check in at 11:45 am | Departs 12:00 pm

  • Duration up to 2-3 hours depending on upon marine life and weather conditions   

  • No Snorkeling or Swimming  

  • Snacks, Water & Juice

  • 48 hour Cancelation